Malaca Delta

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Sea & wind

The design of the homes has three elements in common: sea views, large terraces and organic design sculptured by wind and sea.

171 homes with storage rooms

More than a home

The complex is born out of a necessity to provide enjoyment to all dwellers.
Design and decoration perfect for any lifestyle and age.
From play areas to co-working spaces, acclimatised interior spa, infinity pool with sea views and green areas extending 1,500m2.

Homes with 1 or 2 parking spaces

Diseño inteligente, comprometido con la sostenibilidad

Por su forma y arquitectura, Malaca Delta protege de la incidencia solar en las horas centrales del verano y, en invierno, favorece el soleamiento.

Intelligent design, with a commitment to sustainability

Thanks to form and function, the Malaca Delta structure protects you from the worst heat of the sun in summer, whilst flooding natural light in winter.

Málaga, el sitio donde Malaca Delta encontró su lugar

  • Junto al Mediterráneo
  • Hogares de ensueño
  • Rodeado de luz, mar, servicios, ocio
  • Fusión sostenible con el entorno
  • Terrazas llenas de vida & infinity pool

With climatisation via its Aerothermal system, the first floor has 1,900m2 of vegetation to help maintain the building’s ideal temperature, sanitised hot water, under-floor heating, and recycled water for the bathrooms. Consumption of natural resources is optimised to offset the carbon footprint. Even green areas are sprinkled with recycled rainwater from collectors in the parking zone.

Shops on street level

Malaga, the place where the Malaca Delta is

  • Next to the Mediterranean
  • Dream homes
  • Bathed in light, surrounded by sea, services and leisure
  • Sustainably fused with its surroundings
  • Terraces full of life & infinity pool

François LeclerqFrench arquitect founder of the Leclerq Studio and creator of the Malaca Delta

«The Project

is structured from land, sea and sky.

That was my biding reference: the environment. And that makes the buildings become a privileged hill, islands next to a delta, neon-natural elements far from the tower system.»



is key. It’s a must. If there’s a protagonist, it’s ecology. Malaca Delta recovers rainwater, the facade is naturally ventilated thanks to the sea breeze and vegetation, and the white color regulates temperature. Together with the best quality materials, make the buildings ideal spaces for living.»


«I’ve known Malaga

and I’ve been impressed by its transformation from an industrial city to a cultural hub. A banner for the Mediterranean coast. »

“Malaga has a special location and, the La Térmica area, is a melting pot of culture, everything you can dream of.”

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