A city that knows, teaches and makes you feel.
A living city.

Malaca Delta

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Malaga is, without a doubt, one of the most booming areas in all of Spain.

Its climate, culture and national and international connections make it a strategic point for everything to happen.

Almost three thousand years contemplate us from the Malaka of the first Phoenicians who cultivated their lands to the cosmopolitan Malaga of today.

Land of vines,
fishing and mountain;

of Romans, Muslims and Christians. A place where the land, the sea and the sky come together to form something unique.

The city that everyone is talking about.

In the last few years, Malaga has been able to combine its tradition with complete modernity. Its gastro offering, fiestas and traditions are now being added to by new museums and theatres. And Picasso, always Picasso.

La ciudad de la que todo el mundo habla.

En los últimos años, Málaga ha sabido combinar su tradición con la más absoluta modernidad. A su gastronomía, fiestas y tradiciones ahora hay que sumarle nuevos museos y teatros. Y Picasso, siempre Picasso.

Donde está lo que buscas.

Y lo que no sabías que buscabas.

Where what you look for is. And what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Stars in the sky and over a cinema festival red carpet, traditional dishes, vanguard and those that have yet to be created: unique artistic collections in Europe and the world, 1000 year old traditions, birth of new cultural currents, and above all, its people.

Gente abierta, cercana, con ganas de compartir,

con un carácter único que habita y le da sentido a todos y cada uno de los rincones de esta magnífica ciudad. Su ciudad, que ahora también es la tuya.

Open-minded people, close and ready to share,

with a unique character that gives identity to each corner of this magnificent city. Their city, which now is your city.